My ceiling fan should be my best fan, but it is not. I need it now that it is blazing hot (Indian summer) and the AC is being taxed to the max. It’s a simple problem, really. I can’t reach the pull cord. After my accident when I was in recovery, I faced a lot of challenges around the house, especially the kitchen. I had to adapt my ways to say the least. Not having easy access was my biggest problem so everything got moved and was out all over the house so I could get to it. This is not the ideal solution. People with disabilities shouldn’t have to live in a mess!

Get organized, I said to myself quite often. Finally I got some help to do it. We revamped the kitchen and put a lot of my daily appliances like juicer, toaster, and coffeemaker on an island that had lower legs than average. We made sure to buy one with great storage. We cut the legs down to suit wheelchair height and it was perfect. Then I put the garbage disposal on a remote switch since I couldn’t stretch that far across the countertop. Lights were no problem. Opening the fridge not bad. Stove—passable. But the sink was another story. So we put in a flexible gooseneck faucet that was a pullout style. Voila! Problem solved.

Not everything was so easy. There wasn’t enough space in the bathroom for a wheelchair nor in one part of the hall. I had to get the diminutive size or knock the place down. Fortunately they make small, collapsible models for home use. But as for that ceiling fan, well there was only one solution. Get a longer pull cord even though it would drive everyone crazy hanging loosely in the middle of the room.

I hear tell there are some great tower fan models these days as well. I could buy one to replace old faithful in the living room. Somehow that seemed disloyal and a needless expense. I may seriously reconsider if the pull cord hits one more person in the face. Pedestal fans are quiet, fairly compact, and cost effective even though they run on electricity, and not bad looking. They can be set to oscillate or do their job in a stationary manner. They do take up floor space, however, and that is the main deterrent.

I think for now I will stick to the ceiling model. It has these great stained wood slats and a beautiful center etched glass light fixture that eliminates the need for any unsightly lamps in the room. It has ambience so to speak and is on a dimmer. That control switch I can reach so I can manipulate the lighting to my taste each night. It can go bright for most occasions including reading on the couch, but can be on low for romantic interludes. Somewhere in between is where it stays most of the time.

So the moral of this blog today is to get practical and face facts. You have to do some adjusting, some alterations in your life style, and some reorganizing. Once that’s done, you can go about your business routinely.