People with disabilities need to respect each other, at least for the sake of the pain and experience they’ve been through. Solidarity must be one of our most dominant virtues. At least that’s how I feel. I started this blog to share some resources with amputees that will teach them how to make the best of their situation. I want to make people believe that they can have a fulfilling life despite what happened to them in the past. I’m aware that this blog has a focus on amputees, but I must tell you about an article I read on how Germany is treating their blind and partially sighted people. I must say I am really positively surprised. Solidarity on an institutional level.

Germany has around 83 million people living in an area of 137.847 sq mi. The German Federation of the blind consists of 20 associations situated in different federal countries. This federation acts on behalf and in the interest of the blind and aims to preserve their social status and support reintegration in society and the workplace. The results that this federation has accomplished are very respectful. With the help of such an organization, they managed to open libraries, schools, organize sports activities, etc. 

The German Central Library for the Blind is a public institution that’s located in Leipzig. It has a collection of more than 80.000 titles adapted for the blind. The library has braille books, audiobooks, and braille music. Their system of book deliveries is also fascinating. As a blind person, you can get a book no matter where in Germany you live. Fast delivery with central control of the demand and supply of the books. Imagine that. They have 60 schools for visually impaired children and adults. These schools offer integrative programs, vocational training, and dormitories that satisfy the needs of the blind. The attention to detail for care in Germany is mesmerizing. Since these are the places where blind people work, sleep, eat, and study, the facilities are equipped with indoor air purifiers like ones from How about that! 

I know that I’m supposed to write about amputees but positive experiences from any country in the world are always welcome. We can discuss and build on ideas that somebody else has implemented. It has never been a better time for solidarity among people with disabilities. We have the internet and we have our means of communication so let us help ourselves.